Afghans won’t be allowed to enter Peshawar for 10 days

Photo: Reuters

Peshawar’s district administration has barred Afghan refugees from entering the city for 10 days.

Peshawar Deputy Commissioner Dr Imran Hamid Shaikh imposed the ban under Section 144 of the PPC via a notification barring Afghans from visiting the city, particularly cantonment areas. The ban will be in effect for the first 10 days of Muharram.

Sajid Khan, the spokesperson of the deputy commissioner, confirmed the ban and told SAMAA Digital that Afghan’s entry to the city has been banned till Muharram 10.

“Locals are also barred from entering areas where imambargahs are located. The ban is not unusual and doesn’t apply to Afghan refugees residing in the city,” he clarified.

The notification also says that under Section 144, renting cars and motorcycles has also been banned till Muharram 10. The use of loudspeakers will be restricted to azaans and Friday sermons.

The notification read that the ban applies to pillion riding, wall-chalking, especially on mosques and imambargahs, distribution and display of objectionable material, display of weapons and vehicles with fake or unregistered licence plates and tinted glass.

The sale of diesel, petrol, kerosene and other fuels, as well as the sale and use of firecrackers is also banned during Muharram.