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The SC wants a reference filed against Overseas Pakistani Commissioner Afzal Bhatti

August 3 , 2018

The Supreme Court ordered the anti-corruption watchdog to file a reference against Afzal Bhatti for his appointment as overseas Pakistani commissioner.

Chief Justice (CJ) Saqib Nisar had taken notice of the appointment of Bhatti, who is also a board member of the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC).

“Afzal Bhatti should return the salaries he received and we will not open the [anti-corruption watchdog] NAB’s report,” remarked the CJ during a hearing at the Supreme Court’s Lahore Registry on Friday.

Bhatti said that his appointment was in line with the law. According to NAB, Bhatti’s salary as the overseas commissioner was Rs550,000.

“Pakistan is not a ‘loot state’ so that whoever wants can come and loot it,” remarked the top judge. “The CM and PM must have appointed him.”


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