The government is finally cleaning 38 storm water drains in Karachi

August 1, 2018

The government is finally cleaning storm water drains in Karachi. Work began on Wednesday.

According to the city’s mayor, Wasim Akhtar, the drains haven’t been cleaned in 10 years.

He said this is the first time the money is being properly utilised and challenged people to go inspect the drains themselves.

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation is currently cleaning 38 storm water drains in the city. However, residents say that the KMC isn’t cleaning anything and is instead usurping the money.

One resident said that in the past four years, authorities come clean a little bit of the drain and then leave. Another said that the drains need to be cleaned thoroughly.

The Supreme Court had earlier ordered that the drains be cleaned and the government released Rs500 million to the KMC for the project.

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