Sindh’s new governor Imran Ismail never graduated from university

Imran Ismail, who will officially become the Sindh governor on August 27, never graduated from university. His highest qualification is completing his intermediate.

The reason this matters is because as governor, he will become the chancellor of all public universities in Sindh. Even though the Sindh government took away most of the governor’s powers and reduced his role as chancellor to a mainly ceremonial one, Ismail will still award students their degrees.

The notification has been issued regarding Ismail’s oath-taking ceremony has been issued. He will take oath on August 27.

Ismail won the provincial election from Karachi’s PS-111, beating the PPP’s Murtaza Wahab.

When Ismail submitted his nomination papers for the election, he wrote that his highest education qualification is completing his intermediate examinations. He also wrote that he completed his BComm Part I, but that means he only completed his first year of university.

A member of Karachi University’s senate, Dr Osama Shafiq, told SAMAA Digital that the governor is also the chancellor of public sector universities in the province. Keeping this in mind, the governor should be someone who is educated and whose reputation is spotless, he said. However, he said that Ismail has neither of these qualities.

Dr Shafiq said that Sindh’s universities are already subject to incorrect policies. The PTI’s slogan is ‘change’ and to fulfill their promises of change they should have appointed a suitable candidate for this important post, he said.