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Sindh govt gears up for offal disposal in Karachi

August 21, 2018

The PPP-led provincial government has finalised its arrangements for the disposal of offal and entrails of thousands of sacrificial animals in Karachi during the Eid days.

“We have arranged at least 3,000 vehicles and temporarily hired 5,000 people to dump the remains directly at landfill sites,” Sindh local government minister, Saeed Ghani, told SAMAA TV.

The Karachi city government, led by mayor Waseem Akhtar, has also tightened its belt to keep the city clean. The municipal administration will utilise all its resources in cooperation with the provincial government.

Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB) has been tasked with lifting the offal across Karachi. The body works under the Sindh government.

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But despite all the preparations, Alamgir Khan, a social activist and founder of ‘Fixit’, is not satisfied.

Khan has vowed to join the cleanliness efforts in Karachi, but threatened that he will dump the offal outside the offices of mayor and SSWMB, if the city government failed to ensure better sanitation.

“We will make arrangements to lift the waste on our own. This is the duty of mayor as well as solid waste managements,” he said, speaking to SAMAA TV.

Khan’s ‘Fixit’ campaign to cover unsealed manholes in Karachi gained media attention in 2016.

Reacting to Alamgir Khan’s ultimatum, Waseem Akhtar said the social activist seeks publicity with his campaigns.

“He is not cognizant of rules and regulations. I don’t know which political party he belongs to,” Akhtar told SAMAA TV.


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