Sheikh Rasheed wants to auction off 100 Railways’ rest houses but the dept only has 11

Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed, during a meeting at the Railways headquarters on Monday, ordered the ministry’s authorities to auction off the 100 rest houses that the department owns. The only problem is that Pakistan Railways only has 11 rest houses.

The officials told the minister that he has been misinformed, adding that the department does not even have 100 rooms in its 11 rest houses.

The minister was also informed that officials stay at these rest houses when they go out of station for official business. If these rest houses are auctioned off, then the cost of providing accommodation for the visiting officers will be more than double of what we are paying right now, the official added.

It seems that the new minister’s desperate attempts to ‘change’ the way the department operates is not auguring well with the department officials.

Earlier, the Pakistan Railways’ chief commercial manager in Lahore had asked for extended leave because he doesn’t want to work with Rasheed.

The manager, Hanif Gul, wrote a letter to the Railways chairperson, asking for 730 days of paid leave because he cannot work with the new minister.

In his letter, he said that Rasheed is “extremely non-professional and ill-mannered”.

“The minister is fully entitled to work with a team that shares his vision,” he wrote, asking to be granted leave.