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Rs2b was put in the Omni Group’s accounts, FIA tells the SC

August 6, 2018

The FIA presented a report on Monday to the Supreme Court saying that it has identified several dubious transactions through which Rs35 billion was transferred. It also has evidence that money was transferred from the Omni Group to the Zardari Group.

The FIA is investigating a money laundering scam in which Rs35 billion through 29 fake accounts at three local banks.

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar remarked that it seems that the fake accounts were opened to store black money. “Where did the money from the fake accounts go?” he asked.

The FIA director general, Bashir Memon, informed the court that they have identified the transactions through which the Rs35 billion was funneled. Thousands of transactions have been done through the 29 fake accounts, he said.

He said Rs2.08 billion was put into the Omni Group accounts and some money was transferred to the Zardari Group.

When asked where Omni Group Chairperson Anwar Majeed was, his lawyer Khalid Ranjha informed the court that he had been admitted to a hospital in London. The CJ remarked that after the court passes orders, it seems that everyone is admitted to hospitals.

Justice Nisar directed the lawyer to ensure that Majeed is presented before the court in person.

Asif Zardari’s lawyer, Farooq H Naek, said there is no solid evidence in the case and that it has been based on supposition.

Justice Nisar said that they will not tolerate any injustice by the FIA. If Memon has made allegations against someone unnecessarily, he will not be able to stay in Pakistan, he remarked.

Justice Nisar also remarked that a JIT similar to that formed for Nawaz Sharif’s cases should be formed to investigate the issue.


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