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PIA overbooked a Hajj flight and left 70 passengers behind

August 12 , 2018

PIA is back in the news again but this time the issue isn’t an extended stay on the tarmac. The airline overbooked a Hajj flight and had to leave 70 passengers behind.

A PIA flight from Karachi to Jeddah took off on Sunday without 70 passengers who had paid for their tickets. The reason for this strange incident? The airline had sold too many tickets and did not have any seats for the 70 passengers.

They were informed of this development at the check-in counter.

The airline’s management said that there were too many passengers so they had to leave some behind. However, the management said they will try to accommodate the passengers on the 10pm flight.

But this didn’t pacify the offloaded passengers, who staged a protest at Jinnah International.


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