PIA chief orders probe as pleading mother video goes viral

Report by Ashraf Khan

Pakistan International Airlines has been receiving flak after a video of angry passengers urging cabin crew to open the doors has gone viral.

The video shows a distressed mother pleading with the airline staff to open the doors for fresh air as her infant was experiencing breathlessness.

According to reports, the incident took place on a flight enroute from Paris to Islamabad.

With at least 390 passengers onboard, the flight had landed at Paris airport from Milan (Italy). Its departure for Islamabad was delayed due to known reasons.

The passengers reportedly remained in suffocation for more than two hours after the plane’s air-conditioning system switched off.

Authorities said the baby is fine.

“We are in touch with the family & are happy to report that the baby is fine and doing well,” a PIA spokesperson said.


As the video garnered a lot of views online, PIA CEO Dr Musharraf Rasool Cyan ordered an investigation.

PIA has taken serious notice of the unfortunate incident, one of PIA’s Tweets read.

It further added that: “The delay was for 30 mins as doors were closed, aircraft was ready for push back, however, Air Traffic Controller clearance was not received and the aircraft could not start its engine as the aircraft was still parked at the jetty.”

PIA assured that “zero tolerance has been adopted in PIA and there shall be no compromise on customer convenience and comfort.”