Mustafa Kamal thinks the Sindh CM should have fought harder against the census results

August 1, 2018

Former city nazim and PSP chief Mustafa Kamal criticised Murad Ali Shah, the former chief minister of Sindh, for his role in the census.

According to Kamal, the population of Sindh’s urban areas was deliberately under-represented. “This was a major injustice,” he said. “In 2013, NADRA said that Karachi’s population was 21.4 million. How can it be 10.7 million in 2018 then?”

The PSP chief said the under-representation will affect the province’s share in the NFC award as well as the health and education budgets. “The Sindh CM should have taken up the case and should have fought for it,” he said. “Instead, he became a partner in crime.”

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