Meesha Shafi approaches Lahore High Court against Ali Zafar


Singer, model and actor Meesha Shafi has approached the Lahore High Court against pop singer and actor Ali Zafar.

She said on April 19 that Zafar sexually harassed her. Shafi tweeted a statement, after which Zafar did the same and denied that he harassed her. Even though a number of Pakistani celebrities came forward to talk about their experiences of child sexual abuse as part of the #MeToo movement, this was the first time that a celebrity named someone.

Her lawyer, Ahmad Pansota, said that they pursued the case under the Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act and the ombudsperson and governor rejected the pleas because an employer-employee relationship did not exist between Shafi and Zafar.

“Now we’ll be approaching judicial forums such as the high court and Supreme Court,” said the lawyer. “So far we have approached administrative forums and maybe we weren’t able to explain our arguments properly or they were unable to understand what we said.”

The Lahore High Court has issued notices to Zafar as well as the Punjab governor and provincial ombudsperson, both of whom rejected Shafi’s plea.