Houses and streets in Karachi’s FB Area are submerged in sewage water

August 8, 2018

Houses and streets in Karachi’s Federal B Area have been underwater for over 24 hours after a wall of the Gujjar Nullah was damaged by a falling crane.

The crane belonged to the KMC and was being used to clean the storm water drain on Tuesday when it fell into the drain and damaged one of the walls.

There is no sign of local government or KMC staff on ground and people have been trying to get the water out of their houses themselves. They have been using jerry cans and pipes to drain the water out but have had little success.

According to a resident of the area, Mohammad Chunnu, no one at his house slept the night before. No food is being made at our house either, he said, adding that they had been trying to get the water out themselves because no one from the government had come to help them.

The city’s mayor is currently in China and in his absence, it seems like there is no one to look after the city.

Another resident said that the two years ago, the KMC said it would clear the drain before covering it and making a road but nothing has been done.

Newly elected PTI MPA Abbas Jaffery has said that he has tried to contact KMC officials but no one is picking up their phones. He said he even tried to call the mayor and District Central chairman but no one is picking up.

DMC Central Chairman Rehan Hashmi tried to push the blame onto the KWSB and said it is their responsibility to handle sewerage-related issue.

The KMC cleaned the drain, he said, adding that the issue now revolves around sewage and that is the jurisdiction of the KWSB.

He said a KMC staffer died when the crane fell into the drain.

Hashmi said the issue did not arise from the crane falling into the storm water drain. Instead, he said, sewerage pipelines have broken and sewage is being emptied onto the streets instead of into the Gujjar Nullah.

“Our rescue and sanitation staff have been there and since last night, water has been reduced by a foot,” he said, stressing that the KWSB needs to send its staff to handle the issue.

With additional reporting by Faisal Khan

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