Six, including FC personnel, Chinese nationals, injured in a blast in Balochistan’s Dalbandin

August 11, 2018

Two Frontier Constabulary personnel, three Chinese nationals and a driver were injured in a suicide blast near their bus in Balochistan’s Dalbandin on Saturday, according to the Levies.

The suicide blast occurred near a bus transporting people working on the Saindak copper and gold project in Dalbandin.

The vehicle was travelling from Saindak to the Dalbandin Airport when the blast occurred in Sorgil, around five kilometres from Saindak.

The people injured in the blast were taken to an FC camp for first aid. After the incident, FC troops and Levies cordoned off the area.

The FC personnel have been identified as Lance Naik Sabir and Akhtar, while the Chinese nationals have been identified as Liang Ling, Yiu Yiu Riyiu yu and Hawks Xiao.


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