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The big names to watch in Swat this election

July 23, 2018

Swat is a mixed battlefield. In some places the PML-N and ANP candidates are in strong positions to win but in other constituencies the PTI has put up big names.

People say that if senior citizens turn out to vote then the PML-N and ANP have clearer chances of winning. This is perhaps why the PTI men, who knew the ground realities, launched massive campaigns in the district to get young people on their side. Most PTI candidate have set up corner offices. They are gunning for the floating votes and not the set party vote banks.

In southern KP most parties are targeting Swat district because of its geographical importance in the region along with Upper and Lower Dir districts.

People will vote for 11 seats in Swat:
NA-2, NA-3, NA-4
PK-2, PK-3, PK-4, PK-5, PK-6, PK-7, PK-8, PK-9

From NA-2 the strongest candidates are considered to be:
Amir Muqam PML-N
Haider Ali PTI
Amjad Ali PPP
Naveed Iqbal MMA
Raja Mumtaz Chamot ANP

NA-2 is important for PML-N’s Amir Muqam as he gave up his home seat in Shangla to his brother Ibadullah. He is now standing on the turf of PTI’s Haider Ali, who is a tribal elder and very influential.

The PML-N and PTI are going to slug it out here. They could have banked on the Gujjar vote but this time the Gujjars have selected Raja Mumtaz Chamot who is running from the ANP platform. The ANP pulled a really smart move here by picking a Gujjar guy because this takes the vote away from the PTI and PML-N.

NA-3 has eight candidates. The biggest names here are PML-N’s Shehbaz Sharif and PPP’s Shehryar Amirzeb.

NA-4 has 11 candidates. The big names are PTI’s Murad Saeed and ANP’s M. Saleem Khan. They will have to watch out for PML-N’s Feroz Shah Khan and MMA’s Qari Mehmood who could dent the vote bank of the PTI and ANP in the area.

In PK-2, PML-N’s Amir Muqam is going to fight PTI’s Mian Sharafat Ali and ANP’s Syed Jaffar Shah. Amir Muqam is considered quite strong in this constituency and the rest of the candidates have accused him of buying votes. None of the allegations have been proven, however.

In PK-3 PTI’s Haider Ali has a strong opponent in ANP’s Fazal Wahab.

In PK-4, we see PML-N’s Amir Muqam again, up against PTI’s Azizullah Khan and ANP’s Asimullah Khan.

In PK-5 the MMA’s Muhammad Amin is considered a big name and his opposition is PTI’s Fazal Hakim and PTI’s Wajid Ali.

In PK-6, ANP’s Sher Shah Khan, PTI’s Dr Amjad and PML-N’s Habib Ali Shah will fight for the seat.

In PK-7, ANP’s Waqar Khan and MMA’s Hussain Ahmad are the big names. People say PTI’s Dr Amjad will get votes as he is standing against the ANP and MMA men.

In PK-8 the PTI has put up Muhibullah Khan, the PML-N Amjad Ali Khan and the ANP Sher Shah Khan. People say that if the PML-N or ANP voters decide on one candidate then they can defeat the PTI. Muhibullah is considered the strongest.

In PK-9, people will choose from PTI’s Mehmood Khan, ANP’s Ayub Khan and the MMA’s Dr Amjad Ali.


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