Rain-related accidents claim six lives in Lahore

July 3, 2018

Six people were killed in rain-related accidents in Lahore.

An electricity wire fell on two constables and killed them in Rewaz Garden. Another man, identified as Akbar, died of electric shock at Qurtuba Chowk.

In Jauhar Town, the roof of a house caved in and a woman and her two children were injured.

It has been raining for the past 12 hours in Punjab's provincial capital. Around 300 feeders have tripped. Shadman, Muslim Town and other areas were affected. According to LESCO authorities, electricity supply will be restored once it stops raining.

On the other hand, WASA has imposed an emergency as roads have become submerged in water. People are facing hours-long traffic jams due to inundated roads. All the underpasses have been closed for traffic as water has accumulated.

According to the Met Office, rains will continue in the next 24 hours.

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