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Pervez Khattak clarifies statement on threat to leave PTI if not made KP CM again

July 30 , 2018

Pervez Khattak has denied a statement attributed to him that he had refused to become part of Imran Khan’s federal cabinet and had told the PTI that he wanted to become chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa once again.

He said that they had called the people who won the election to celebrate. What is being said on TV is “propaganda” he said. “We are all Imran Khan’s soldiers [sipahi], and all of his decisions are acceptable to us.”

Khattak’s clarification came after rumours swelled that he had told PM-elect Imran Khan that he would leave the party and quit politics if he were not made CM again.

There are said to be two groups working behind the scenes on the CM slot in KP.

Atif Khan, the former education minister, is one of the strongest candidates as he has the support of Imran Khan’s aide, Jahangir Khan Tareen.

The second group is said to be led by Pervez Khattak who has the support of Asad Qaiser and other MPAs.

Note: This story has been amended from an earlier draft.


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