Party heads are entitled to protocol, says Imran Khan

July 5, 2018

Traffic was stopped for PTI chief Imran Khan in Karachi.

“You have come to Karachi earlier as well,” a journalist asked Mr Khan. “You never had such protocol. Now, traffic is also being stopped. Have the people accepted you as PM already?”

Mr Khan replied that party heads are entitled to protocol. “Shehbaz Sharif received such protocol that he began singing.”

The PTI chief also spoke about the people of Karachi. “Karachi is PTI’s city,” he said. “The people of Karachi are conscious. We were not organised in Karachi in the previous election and had no polling agents. Still, Karachi gave us 800,000 votes.”

Karachi’s NA-243 is one of the constituencies that Mr Khan is contesting the election from. The constituency covers Gulshan-e-Iqbal and parts of Jamshed Quarters. The PTI chief is also contesting from Islamabad, Mianwali, Bannu and Lahore.

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