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Pakistan’s politics to revolve around Nawaz’s narrative in future: Pervaiz Rashid

July 28 , 2018

PML-N leader Pervaiz Rashid has accused the PTI of horse trading to form its government in Punjab.

“In 2013, the PTI was not the single largest party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but a majority party. We gave them opportunity to govern the province,” Mr Rashid said.

He claimed that the PTI doesn’t have enough numbers to form government in Punjab. “The PML-N has set good examples after 2013,” the Senator claimed.

The PTI has emerged as the second largest party in the province with 127 seats, not far behind the PML-N, which has been ruling the Punjab for the last 10 years and has 129 seats in the provincial assembly.

“Nawaz Sharif had instructed his party lawmakers not to support a no-confidence move against the PPP in Kashmir.”

Rashid said that what happened on July 24 and 25 has made other political parties accept Nawaz Sharif’s narrative. “Pakistani politics will revolve around Nawaz Sharif’s narrative in the future.”

Commenting on Chaudhry Nisar’s defeat in NA-59 and NA-63, the PML-N leader said that the people have rejected “the jeep”. “Nisar thought he could win the election without the Sher.”


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