Lahore submerged in rainwater and sewage for the third day

July 4, 2018

After 14 hours of continuous rain in Lahore, the city has turned into Punjab’s Venice instead of its Paris and so far, nine people have died in rain-related accidents across the city.

Four people were electrocuted to death when they touched broken electrical wires. Five people were killed when roofs collapsed on them. Among those killed in roof collapses were a father and son.

A wall in a residential colony of the Lahore Fort also collapsed due to the rain. The wall was built in 1970 and its collapse damaged the historical structure.

A sinkhole also developed on Mall Road, for which Interim Punjab Chief Minister Hasan Askari has formed a committee to investigate.

The city is inundated, as rainwater mixed with sewage and garbage to collect on streets and in underpasses. Water also collected in front of Jinnah Hospital’s emergency ward and some of the hospital’s ceilings were damaged due to the rain.

Boats ahoy!

Rescue 1122 has been using boats to rescue people stranded due to the accumulated rainwater. It has also begun ferrying the elderly.

A ride-hailing taxi service started a boat service in the city and users are now able to call boats instead of taxis. The cab service said that they are still catering to their customers’ needs despite the water.

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