In Multan, you’d better have an Ansari backing you this General Election 2018

July 3, 2018

Politicians in Pakistan will do anything in their power to get elected, be it bribing voters, relying on the biradari system or using their positions as pirs and custodians of shrines to gain support.

The ‘Biradari system’ decides the winners in Multan's PP-195 

Multan’s PP-195 constituency is a prime example of how biradari, a caste system, decides who will win the elections in certain constituencies.

The Ansari biradari has over 70,000 votes in PP-195. The support of the Ansaris can sway elections in any one’s favour as the entire community votes as as a single unit. Since 1993, only candidates backed by the Ansaris have won.

In 2008, the PMl-N’s Aamir Saeed Ansari had won the elections and in 2013 Javed Akhtar on PTI’s ticket was elected from the constituency. Both candidates had the support of the Ansari biradari.

However, fed up with hollow promises made by the leaders they have chosen, this time around some members of the biradiri have decided to stand as independent candidates.




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