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In KP’s Shangla, a cool MMA trick for this election

July 23, 2018

The MMA did the smart thing in Shangla to break its rivals’ votebanks.

But first, district Shangla has the following seats:

From NA-10, a total of nine candidates are standing in which five men are supposed to be the strongest – PML-N’s Ibadullah Khan, the brother of heavy-weight Amir Muqam and the PTI’s Waqar Ahmad Khan and ANP’s Sadeed ur Rahman and MMA’s Amir Sultan.

Amir Sultan didn’t belong to any party but right at the end the MMA gave him a ticket due to his standing in the Gujjar community. In the past, the Gujjars used to vote PML-N or PTI, which is why the MMA did a smart thing by giving a Gujjar a ticket. Now they can look forward to breaking this group of voters away from the PML-N and PTI.

In PK-23 do watch out for PTI’s Shaukat Ali Yousafzai followed by ANP’s Mutawakil Khan and PML-N’s M. Rashad Khan. The actual fight will be between the PTI and PML-N but the floating or undecided voters could veer to the ANP.

In PK-24, PML-N’s Fazlullah Khan is considered the strongest candidate followed by ANP’s Faisal Zeb and the MMA’s Sher Alam.


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