Five injured in clash between PTI, PML-N workers in Faisalabad

July 1, 2018

Where most political opponents trade barbs, some PML-N and PTI workers in Faisalabad traded bullets.

Supporters of PTI’s Nisar Jutt and PML-N’s Rana Sanaullah clashed in Faisalabad. They are both contesting from NA-106, Faisalabad. Jutt recently left the PML-N to join the PTI.

A dispute over taking down party flags and banners turned nasty when a fight broke out between the two groups, resulting in five people being injured.

Three PML-N workers and two PTI workers were injured and taken to the Civil hospital. The PML-N workers had been shot.

This is not an isolate incident, as similar incidences have occurred in the past, with workers of both parties fighting with each other.

Jutt arrived at the hospital and admonished the workers for fighting. He said votes should be given on merit.

Refuting claims that the incident occurred because of him, he said, “I have contested four elections before and nothing like this ever happened”.


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