Our competition in Karachi is with PPP alone, says Mustafa Kamal

June 29, 2018

Our competition in the election in Karachi is just with the PPP, said PSP chief Mustafa Kamal on Wednesday.

"Even with the PPP, we are expecting a tough fight on barely two or three seats in the city," Kamal told the media in Islamabad.

According to the former Karachi mayor, coalition with any party is on the cards right now. He said that the next chief minister of Sindh will either be from PSP or will be a candidate backed by the party.

Kamal said his party deserves credit for the peace in Karachi as "we are ones who ended fighting".

He said that over seven million people were not counted in the latest census. “Karachi’s population is not less than 30 million,” said the PSP chief. “How do you expect to give people their due right if you can’t even count them correctly?”

Kamal said that every time someone from the MQM joins PSP, the former throws a fit. MQM should issue a list of all the criminals in its ranks so that we don’t allow those people to join PSP, he said.

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