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NADRA’s e-voting software for overseas Pakistanis is scammy: Mubasher Lucman

June 15 , 2018

Khara Sach host Mubasher Lucman has said that NADRA’s e-voting software for overseas Pakistanis is a flawed software.

“On the orders of the Supreme Court, NADRA developed an e-voting software with intentional loopholes to deceive juries and to deprive overseas Pakistani from casting votes their to maintain the status quo,” he alleged. “In 2013, NADRA developed a fingerprint-based system on the biometric voter registration and authentication modules, but these projects went unnoticed.”

According to Mr Lucman, “In 2013, NADRA’s model to allow 7.2 million overseas Pakistanis a way to vote was put on the backburner till the next election due to a shortage of time.”

“For election 2018, the designated module has been replaced with a new one that deprives overseas Pakistani from the chance to cast their votes as it is geared to go in Imran Khan’s favour,” he said.


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