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Balochistan headlines: Pulling strings, cancer epidemic, water crisis

June 12, 2018

Samaa Digital brings to you the major headlines from newspapers across Balochistan.

1. Someone else pulling BAP strings: Mengal
Daily Intakhab, Hub

Newly formed Balochistan Awami Party has claimed to change fate of the province but their own strings are being pulled by someone elese, said Balochistan National Party chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal.

He said decisions about the people of Balochistan are being taken by outsiders.

2. Decisions coming from Islamabad not acceptable: Kamal
Daily Barwaqt, Quetta

Balochistan Awami Party president, Jam Kamal has said that ideologists are joining the party. “All decisions are taken in a democratic manner and opinions are not imposed on people in our party,” he claimed.

“After coming into power, we will fulfill all the promises we have made with the people,” he vowed.

3. Cancer spreading fast in Chaghi
Daily Azadi, Quetta

Balochistan’s Chaghi district is facing cancer epidemic. The disease has affected a large number of people, killing three this week. Welfare associations have called for establishment of medical centers to control the disease.

4. Water crisis deepens in Quetta faces severe water shortage
Daily Jang, Quetta

The water shortage in Quetta is getting more severe due to drought-like situation. The groundwater level has significantly dropped in Quetta and adjoining areas after shortage of rain and distribution of tubewells.


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