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Ayesha Gulalai launches ‘Ababeel’ to create Madina-style welfare state

June 14, 2018

Ayesha Gulalai, who leads the Gulalai splinter of the PTI, said she launched the ‘Ababeel’ in the election to help create a Madina-style welfare state.

She spoke to the media in Islamabad after submitting her nomination papers for NA-53. A video of her media talk emerged on Twitter.

“We are not using words like jiyala or khilari for our candidates,” she said. “My people are Ababeel. They will be people of high moral character. They will not abuse anyone.”

According to her, these people will introduce the politics of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the country. “They will introduce the politics of our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), who created the welfare state of Madina. Insha Allah, my Ababeel will throw pebbles at these three elephants and eliminate them,” she said.

Ababeel is a reference to a pre-Islamic event during the Year of the Elephant, in which a tyrant sent an army of elephants to destroy the Kaaba. The Ababeel were a flock of birds that are believed to have appeared as divine help. They dropped pebbles on the elephants and destroyed the army.

Gulalai said her party will bring people from the middle and working classes to Parliament. “Pakistanis will make my party rise by contributing Rs10 each because I do not have capitalists and feudal lords backing me,” she said. “We will give leadership to the young people and women.”

She said her party will fix the education system of Pakistan that is based on rote-learning. “We’ll bring the modern education system to Pakistan and bring the major share of the GDP on research and technology,” she said.

Her supporters shouted the slogan: “Inqilaab laye gi, Ayesha Gulalai [Ayesha Gulalai will bring about a revolution].”


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