Karachi has plenty of heat but no camps to beat it with

May 21, 2018

The sweltering heat is taking its toll on the city's residents who have been warned time and again from venturing out unnecessarily outside. However, Karachi has plenty of heat but no heat camps to beat it with. 

The temperature in the city reached 43°C but there were no heat camps in the city which could serve as refuge for anyone suffering from a heat stroke.

"The city government should make sure that there are camps put up across Karachi to deal with the heat stroke," says one resident. "Before any catastrophic incident takes place, the government should take the necessary measures."

Heat wave alerts and warnings have been issued already by the department of health, chief minister, mayor and commissioner.

People are strictly advised to avoid fried food items during sahar and iftar.

On Monday, mainly hot and dry weather is expected in most parts of the country.

“Since there is minimum temperature difference, often below three degree celsius, during day and night hours, hence risk to get inflicted with heatwave has increased manifold,” said environmentalist Ali Hussain, while talking to APP.

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