“I’m the son of district chairman of Balochistan, do whatever you want”

May 6, 2018

Naya Din host Ali Arif tweeted a video of a fight he had with two college students in Karachi.

The video shows one of the students in college uniform abusing Arif. Arif can be heard telling the students that they were coming the wrong way. The one who was initially abusing then tells Arif that he is “corrupt”.

“I’m the son of district chairman of Balochistan,” he says. “Do whatever you want.”

In his tweets, Arif shared the Facebook profiles of the student, identifying him as Junaid Khan Kakar, and his friend, Arbab Shahbaan Khan Kasi. According to the Naya Din host, a police siren was ringing on the students’ vehicle, which had tinted windows. “On asking, they first abused me and then tried to beat me up,” tweeted Arif, adding that the number plate of the vehicle read ‘Dist. Member Karezat BFV 785’.