Give us monthly stipends if you can’t pay us, say Lahore blind people on fourth day of protest

May 15, 2018

Give us monthly stipends if you can’t pay us, say blind people as their protest in Lahore entered its fourth day.

“We are unable to do many jobs,” says one protester. “The government should create jobs for us.” Those who can’t be given jobs should at least get some amount of money, says another.

The visually impaired people have been protesting for the past four days on the route of Punjab’s metro bus at Kalma Chowk. “We will not leave until the Punjab government promises some jobs for us,” says one protester. Others say that the government often makes promises but does not implement them.

The protesters have blocked the route of the metro and commuters are facing problems. Rickshaw drivers have also increased their fare.

“The rickshaw drivers are asking for too much money,” says one man. Another says that the government should listen to the protesters and solve their issues. “The general public is also suffering because of them,” he says.

Blind people from different parts of Punjab have been protesting in Lahore. Some government representatives met the protesters from Jhang, after which they left for their hometown. The government has yet to contact protesters from Bahawalpur, who are still protesting.