DG Khan family runs out of cash due to children’s skin treatment

May 14, 2018

A family in Dera Ghazi Khan has spent all their savings on their children’s skin treatment.

Muhammad Azam Umer’s children and nephew suffer from xeroderma pigmentosum. His daughter, Noor, is 10 years old, and his son, Ahmed, is eight. His nephew, Muhammad Irfan, is aged five. The man works as a peon for the education department.

“All three children developed itching on their faces on the 40th day of their birth,” said Ashiq Hussain, the children’s grandfather. “We did whatever we could but we are poor people. We appeal to the government to help us.”

The family now takes the children to a government hospital, having spent all their money on private treatment.

Medical experts say such the likelihood of developing such skin diseases increases in case of cousin marriages.

Doctors say the children should be protected from the sun and heat as exposure would worsen their skin condition. “The skin of such patients is very sensitive,” said a skin specialist, Dr Kamran. “Sunlight exposure deteriorates the condition.”

The weather in Dera Ghazi Khan is generally hot and dry throughout the year.


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