Sargodha men impersonating army official arrested

April 3, 2018
Riaz Ahmed

Men impersonating an army captain were arrested from Sargodha over cybercrime charges

Cases were registered against Muhammad Imran, Muhammad Hasnain, Jumma Khan and Akbar Ali under seven sections of the Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act, read with five sections of the Pakistan Penal Code.

According to the FIA, the men would blackmail people, pretending to be army officials. On other occasions, they would pretend they are calling from India.

FIA officials said the men would fool people by saying they have won cash prizes in some game show. People who would fall for such tactics would be asked to send a fee via Easy Load. After they would transfer the money, the callers would switch off their phones.

Rawalpindi ‘boys’ caught

On the other hand, three Rawalpindi men were taken into custody under the cybercrime law. FIA officials told SAMAA that the men would befriend women on Facebook, ask them for pictures and later use the photos for blackmail.

One man extorted Rs100,000 from a woman whose photos he had, said FIA officials.

According to FIA Deputy Director Khalid Anees, the men might get three to seven years of imprisonment under the Pakistan Electronic Crime Act.