Rs0.5m, gold stolen from Karachi house left unattended

Reporting by Shahnawaz Ali

Thieves took away gold and Rs0.5 million from a house in Karachi’s Liaquatabad area that was left unattended

The Liaquatabad police registered a case. According to the police, the family living in the house had gone somewhere, having locked up the house. The house remained unattended for two days, after which thieves broke the locks and entered. They took away all the gold and cash inside the house.

“An acquaintance could be involved,” said the police. A family member also said they suspected relatives’ involvement as they lived on the floor above their house.

According to the family, robberies had increased in the area. “The police register cases but the culprits are never caught.”

Robberies and street crime in the city have barely been curbed despite the operation that began five years ago. More than 57,706 citizens were deprived of their valuables in 2017 alone.