PML-N loses 4 more lawmakers to Junoobi Punjab Sooba Mahaz

April 25, 2018

MULTAN: Four more PML-N MPAs belonging to South Punjab have left the ruling party and joined the recently formed “Junoobi Punjab Sooba Mahaz”.

Karam Dad Wahla, Jameel Shah, Qaiser Abbas and Zeeshan Gurmani are the newest members of JPSM.

With the departure of four more lawmakers on Wednesday, the total number of South Punjab lawmakers who have left the PML-N has reached to 42.

Eight MNAs and two MPAs belonging to South Punjab had parted ways with the ruling PML-N on April 9. This happens a few months before the general elections and the lawmakers have formed a front to renew the struggle for the creation of a separate province. They claim that this will be the agenda for the election.

Rana Qasim Noon, Khusro Bakhtiar, Tahir Cheema and Basit Bukhari are some of the prominent PML-N MNAs who had revolted against the party leadership and founded the new political front.

The group is led by ex-caretaker PM Balakh Sher Mazari.

In an interview with SAMAA, JPSM General secretary Tahir Bashir Cheema had said: “It is by no means a political party. This is Janoobi Punjab Sooba Mahaz which means a struggle for rights.”

PML-N leaders and political pundits have termed the departure of lawmakers a plan by the establishment to hurt the ruling party in the upcoming general elections.

Cheema, however, said the establishment has made no contact with them nor do they have any intention to do so.

The JPSM leader also hinted at forming an alliance with other parties.

“Whoever we decide to form an alliance with will be based on a single point. And we will not accept any lollipop. We will pull out of the alliance after a year or so if our demands are not met,” he said.

“I had only one meeting with Nawaz Sharif. He doesn’t have time for us. You may call it arrogance. You may say he gives little importance to public representatives.”


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