MQM-P warns of conspiracy to replace Izhar as opposition leader

April 10, 2018
Samaa Web Desk

KARACHI: Khawaja Izhar, MQM-P's representative, warned of a conspiracy in the works to replace him as leader of the opposition in Sindh Assembly. 

"We are hearing rumours that I will be replaced as the opposition leader," he said. "Even if that were to happen, it will prove to be beneficial for us," he added.

Izhar said that he was the opposition leader and would stand by his workers and supporters. He said that his position as leader of the opposition was a trust from the people of Pakistan.

Khawaja Izhar said that lawmakers from MQM-P left the party to join PPP and PSP.

"I hope they get their party leaderships give them the MPA tickets," he said. "I want them to contest the elections."

Khawaja Izhar said that creating dissensions within the opposition was strengthening the PPP. Referring to the alleged conspiracy against him, he said that the people of Karachi were witnessing the injustices that were being done to them.