Govt post-mortem: How well is Sindh govt prepared to deal with a heatwave?

April 16, 2018

KARACHI: More than 1200 people were killed in 12 days three years ago during the heatwave. With temperatures rising, the question on everyone's minds is--has the Sindh government made arrangements to ward off the searing heat in the coming months?

Three years ago when the heatwave claimed more than 1200 lives in less than two weeks, the federal and Sindh governments were involved in a blame game.

While some ministers blamed the number of deaths on the load shedding crisis, others were quick to claim that the lack of water in the city was the cause of so many deaths.

The most number of deaths took place in Jinnah Hospital when 350 patients died because of the heatwave. In KMC and Abbasi Shaheed hospitals, the number of patients who died due to heat stroke numbered 215.

As many as 130 patients died in Civil Hospital while 73 succumbed to the heat in Liaquat National Hospital. Thirty-five percent of those who died were women.

The situation had worsened to such an extent that there was no space for bodies to be kept in morgues or buried in graveyards.

June is less than two months away and once again, the city is experiencing several hours of load shedding each day.