Faizabad dharna: Court shelves cases against Khadim Rizvi

April 16, 2018

A court shelved Monday three cases against Khadim Hussain Rizvi and others over their involvement in cases of violence during the Faizabad sit-in last year.

An anti-terrorism court stopped the hearings against the religious leaders for an indefinite period of time on the prosecution’s request.

The prosecution had said that the police are investigating cases from scratch, adding that the law enforcers will file a new charge-sheet after completing the investigations. It had requested the court to halt the proceedings until a new challan is submitted.

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Earlier this month, the court issued summons for Rizvi and other leaders in the Faizabad sit-in case.

Rizvi, who heads a religious party, brought Islamabad to a standstill for around three weeks in November last year with a sit-in against the government at Faizabad Interchange over changes to the election law. His party recently took to Lahore, blocking Metro bus routes.


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