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Analysis: Nawaz Sharif is dishonest today. Can he never repent?

April 13 , 2018

Nawaz Sharif stepped down as prime minister last year after the top court ousted him over dishonesty. The court said he did not declare a particular source of income.

Under Article 62, some disqualifications span five years. Friday’s ruling clarified, however, that Mr Sharif will never again be able to hold public office. The ousted PM may have been dishonest on the day of the verdict. But does that mean he can never change?

“If a person is not honest today, does that mean they can never repent?” Agenda 360 host Haider Waheed asked.

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Other than “sadiq” and “ameen”, Articles 62 and 63 require that public office contestants should not be extravagant. According to Waheed, extravagance and dishonesty are personality traits, which change over time.

“As humans, we always try to improve ourselves,” he said. “If you are extravagant today, there’s the likelihood that you might be able to mend your ways in the future.”

Waheed said he had not read the entire judgement yet. “But the reports that I have seen suggest that if a person is convicted over some crime, they can fix themselves and come back to contest elections in five years,” he said. “But if they are not sadiq or ameen at a given period of time, they have no incentive for improvement.”


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