The harrowing tale of a five-year-old who has three holes in her heart

March 7, 2018
Samaa Web Desk

Reported by: Fatima Nazish

PESHAWAR: Five-year-old Ramsha is in dire need of medical attention as she suffers from a life-threatening heart condition. 

Not only does the little girl's heart beat to the right side, it has three holes in it. To make matters worse, Ramsha's three heart valves are blocked which hinder the supply of blood to other parts of the body.

Since the heart is not able to supply new blood to all parts of the body, Ramsha finds it difficult to even stand on her two feet.

The little girl's parents are labourers who live in a room with their children on rent. Ramsha's heart condition has left them helpless as they are unable to bear heavy medical expenditures to save their daughter. .

Written by: Shahjahan Khurram