Student: KU professor harassed me

March 14, 2018
Samaa Web Desk

KARACHI: A student at the University of Karachi has said that a professor offered to pass her with flying colours if she agreed to marry him. 

The professor has denied the allegations, saying they were made out of vengeance as he had not passed students in the exams.

The student has said that the professor sent her messages on WhatsApp in which he asked for her pictures. The student says there are WhatsApp voice messages, in which a man she identifies as the professor can be heard as saying that the person who marries him “will be very fortunate”.

The student said: “I maintained contact with him out of fear that he would fail me.” He also asked to meet outside campus and she maintains that when she refused, he threatened to fail her.

In one month, three harassment complaints have been registered against teachers at KU.