Senate polls: Dr Farooq Sattar accuses PPP of horse-trading

March 3, 2018

KARACHI: MQM-P leader Dr Farooq Sattar on Saturday accused the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) of indulging in horse-trading and of trying to turn MQM-P lawmakers over to their side.

Speaking to media representatives during a press conference outside the Sindh Assembly, the senior MQM-P leader said it was the PPP's hobby to indulge in horse-trading for their own benefit.

He said that MQM MPAs were seen with the PPP leaders.

"Everyone can see the role MQM has played in the province in the past 35 years", adding that his own specific role and services were there to see and assess.

"Nasir Shah (of PPP) is here and his leader is present as well. All the feudals should come and speak about how much money they have made, how much they have stolen, and how much taxes they have paid, and how much property they have accumulated.

They should take an oath and appear before the camera," the MQM-P leader demanded.

He, however, warned that that the PPP would have to pay a heavy price for their actions in the future.