Raees Mama confessions in custody: 50 murders, Chakra Goth and more

March 31, 2018
Bilal Naseer

Reporting by Bilal Naseer

Raees Mama, who held the charge of MQM’s Korangi sector, has confessed his involvement in the Chakra Goth incident and 50 murders

Mama is in the custody of Karachi police. He was arrested from Malaysia with the help of Interpol. The arrest was disclosed by local police on March 27.

In custody, Mama said that he had a team of 40 shooters and a well-organised network for extortion. He further admitted that he patronised the ‘land mafia’ in Landhi and Korangi. “My boys carried out the Chakra Goth attack,” he said. “When the operation in Karachi gathered momentum, I had to flee the country.”