Private school fees case: Court orders parents to pay dues to schools

March 7, 2018
Samaa Web Desk

Reporting by Irfanul Haq

A court ordered parents to pay dues of six months to four private schools of Karachi.

Over 5% annual increase in school fees is not allowed, says the law and a subsequent Sindh government notification. Last year, more than 200 parents of schoolchildren filed a case in the Sindh High Court, complaining that school managements have increased tuition fees by over 10%. On August 28, 2017, the court reserved its judgment in the case.

The verdict came out this Monday, restraining all private schools in Sindh from increasing the fees until the government drafts a new policy. The court ruled that the provincial government’s notification allowing the 5% annual increase is null and void. However, it added, the notification will be effective for 90 days, during which the government will devise a new policy.

A group of parents approached the court separately in September 2017, accusing Beaconhouse School System, Foundation Public School, Headstart School and The City School of taking advantage of the reserved judgment. They said the four schools had continued charging them exorbitant amounts of fees, which was an increase over 5%.

On Wednesday, counsel for the schools told the court that from September onwards, the petitioners did not pay the increased fees.

The court ordered the schools not to charge fees with more than 5% increase. It ordered the parents to pay the four schools the outstanding amount for the months between September 2017 and February 2018 with the 5% increase as it is lawful until the new policy.

Writing by Minerwa Tahir