PML-N senator says she voted for opposition party candidate

March 13, 2018
Samaa Web Desk

ISLAMABAD: A PML-N senator confessed of voting for opposition parties’ joint candidate for Senate’s deputy chairman in the election on Monday.

Kulsoom Parveen of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz said that she voted for Saleem Mandviwalla for Deputy Chairman of Senate.

The PML-N lawmaker went on to say that she did not break any party rules.

The N-League leader said that her party’s candidate for Senate’s deputy chairman Usman Kakar was only an ally.

PML-N candidate Usman Kakar – enjoying the support of ANP, PML-F, FATA, JUI, PkMAP and JI senators – lost the election of Senate Deputy Chairman to Saleem Mandviwalla.