Will Karachi Circular Railway ever see the light of day?

February 7, 2018

KARACHI: We've been hearing a lot about the Karachi Circular Railway project about how it will be used to transport hundreds of passengers on a daily basis, provide immense benefit to commuters and bring about an improvement in the flow of traffic in the city. 

However, one question is one everyone's mind--especially Karachiites--will the project ever see the light of day?

When asked, citizens were of the view that the project would not be completed since a considerable amount of work yet remained to be finished and authorities did not seem to be serious about it.

"We have been hearing about the circular railway project ever since we were kids," said one citizen. "Now, as you can see, we have grown into adults yet the project remains unfinished. So I do not have hopes," he said.

Sindh Minister of Transport said that the circular railway network would be completed soon and trains would run in the city.