UN report depicts sorry state in terms of gender equality

February 15, 2018

NEWS DESK: A report of the United Nations (UN) on the state of women and gender equality in Pakistan has yet again depicted the sorry state of affairs.

According to the report, men and women are not treated equally in the country, reported Samaa TV, adding that at least 12% Pakistani women (4.9 million) aged between 18 and 49 years are simultaneously deprived in terms of four Sustainable Development Goals-related dimensions: 1. Child marriages, 2. Education, 3. Healthcare, and 4. Employment.

The UN report says that 79.8% of the deprived women belong to rural areas, adding that Sindhi, Seraiki and Pashtun women are suffering from the worst form of deprivations. Pashtun women lag behind the most in terms of education.

Meanwhile, the report highlights the plague of child marriages, which is prevalent in 24% of high-income households and 63% of low-income households.

In terms of health, 13.4% women belonging to high-income households are deprived of health facilities while 70.2% women from the low-income strata face the same, said the report.

Moreover, 32% rural households and 41% urban households have access to safe drinking water.

The report adds that 70% of urban female population resides in katchi abadis (squatter settlements), where they lack at least one of the following: access to clean water, improved sanitation facilities, durable housing or sufficient living area..