SHOCKING: 23,000 Punjab police personnel suffering from serious illnesses

February 15, 2018

LAHORE: IG Punjab on Thursday confirmed that as many as 23,000 personnel of Punjab Police force are suffering from serious illnesses, SAMAA TV reported. 

These figures were revealed during the past month's screenings and medical tests in which it was disclosed that extensive working hours, lack of rest and mental pressure are the main reasons for 23,000 Punjab Police personnel who have fallen prey to serious diseases.

As per figures, 5,001 Punjab Police personnel are patients of blood sugar disease. 7,013 Punjab Police personnel are suffering from Hepatits B, while those suffering from Hepatitis C number at more than 3,000.

14,040 Punjab Police personnel are patients of various heart diseases and more than 1160 stomach patients are also part of the police force.

IG Punjab also confirmed that 23,000 Punjab Police personnel are victims of various serious diseases and said that funds from the Police Welfare Fund are being employed to refer them to hospitals and other treatment.