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Of German Shepherds, macaws and horses: Pet show enthralls Karachiites

SAMAA | and - Posted: Feb 4, 2018 | Last Updated: 2 years ago
Posted: Feb 4, 2018 | Last Updated: 2 years ago
Of German Shepherds, macaws and horses: Pet show enthralls Karachiites

Report by: Shahjahan Khurram and Nasir Ahmed

Photography by: Nasir Ahmed

KARACHI: Denizens were quite thrilled to attend the Pet Show event held at the Creek Club on Saturday.

Needless to say, animal lovers showed up in huge numbers at the venue, thronging the stalls and the open area with their pets. The food stalls were set up in huge numbers but as the evening set in, an array of pets in all shapes and sizes, guided by their owners, dotted the huge lawn where the event was held.

For small children and toddlers who were afraid to go near the German Shepherds and Pitt bulls, there were plenty of other treats–huge bouncing castles and swings where every kid hopes to spend an entire evening.

To see a host of pets in one place is a spectacle in Karachi and the Pet Show at Creek Club just offered everyone that. From German Shepherds to macaws to even an ostrich (yeah you read that right), the event was a truly blissful one for those who were owners of pets, or aspired to become one or were simply in love with animals.

As one sifted through the crowd to catch a glimpse of other animals, a huge caged ostrich could not escape anyone’s eye. The huge size of the bird and its feet moving to an fro as it walked about within the confines of its cage, was a sight to marvel at.

As was expected, dogs were the species of animals who showed up in huge numbers. There were German Shepherds to marvel at (and be frightened of), Pit bulls to gawk at and even poodles to caress. People sat beside dogs, petted them and clicked scores of selfies in different poses with the animals.

The German Shepherds did not particularly get along well with the Pit bulls at the venue. Often they could be seen viciously barking at each other, raring to clash with before their owners would hold them at bay. It was quite frightening to walk among such incensed beasts who could tear one apart from limb to limb, given the opportunity.

There were plenty of poodles and small dogs that females would pick up in their arms readily for quick snaps and even small children would pose with. These furry, delightful animals would scamper about in panic as the crowd built up to admire them.

But dogs were not the only species of animals who were the center of attention at the event. The pet show was open for birds as well and two colourful macaws perched atop their owners arm turned quite a lot of heads. Not only the size of the birds but their glistening colour that shone with the help of the sunlight was a sight to marvel at.

Walking about the huge lawn was a hectic activity but thanks to the array of food stalls set up on each side, one was able to get his/her hands on food to eliminate hunger pangs. From mouthwatering rolls, burgers, bun kababs, biryanis to charghas, there were colourful gola gandas and ice creams of all flavours to satiate your sweet tooth.

All in all, it was a wonderful event for pet owners to show off their dogs, cats, birds and rabbits. Animal admirers also had their fill of watching, caressing and petting the animals of their choice. The Pet Show certainly moved me to ponder as to why there was no designated park or area in Karachi where pet owners are allowed to come with their animals for a leisurely walk or other activities. Considering the sheer amount of pets in the city, authorities must come up with an exclusive space that is frequented by pet owners to have a good time.

Celebrity couple Amina and Mohib Mirza show up

In conclusion, kudos to RPK events for organising the event and handling such a huge crowd at the Creek Club. Such events should be held regularly in the future as it proves to be beneficial for everyone.


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