Constitution supreme document of any country, says CJP

February 3, 2018

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Mian Saqib Nisar on Saturday said that the Constitution was the supreme document of any country.

Parliament has the authority to make laws and  our job is to uphold the sanctity of the law, the chief justice expressed these views while presiding over a meeting of judges belonging to special tribunals and administrative courts here at the National Judicial Policy-making Tribunal.

The meeting was held to review the performance of the judiciary in the country.

He said that judiciary was the most important pillar of the state. “If this pillar does not perform, then the state will have to face imbalances,” he added.

The chief urged judges to join his campaign of justice. “I bow my head to you to become part of my campaign and start delivering justice. We have to enforce the fundamental rights of the people. This is our responsibility,” he urged.

He stressed that integrity, honesty, uprightness were the virtues of a good judge and that the judges should not worry about getting more benefits.

“We are one of highest paid government servants… so let us deliver,” he added.

The CJP pointed out that the hurdles being faced by the lawyers were not insurmountable.  “I have seen many passionate judges, who worked in unfavourable conditions. The court proceedings should be considered as work. The Chief Justice of Canada resigned and said this work was his passion but now it seems like a job. I don’t want a job,” said the CJP.

He stressed that the judges have to work hard for country’s progress and improvement.  Justice Nisar said that a judge of the high court draws a monthly salary of Rs. 0.9 million and Rs. 40,000 daily while the salary of a supreme court judge is even higher. He advised the judges to work enough to prove their earning.

Commenting on the nature of the job, he informed accountability and anti-terrorism court (ATC) judges that there will be people who threaten the system and might claim that they will make your children’s lives difficult, but you have to bring these people to accountability.

“Perpetrators of white collar crime, and people who threaten us need to be brought to accountability,” he added.

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar said that the courts have to work with current laws and it is the responsibility of the judges to make sure that justice prevails. "We are not going to wait for the laws of tomorrow, we have to make  do with the laws of today to ensure that justice is being delivered,” he added.

All judges need to follow Article 4 of the constitution, the CJP stressed. Article 4 states, “Right of individuals to be dealt with in accordance with law etc”.  “There should be punishment for judges who don’t comply by Article 4 of constitution,” he added.

The CJP urged all the lawyers present to take an oath and promise that their prime agenda will be to deliver justice under the command of the law and obey it unconditionally. - APP