Newsweek Pakistan publisher sorry for controversial tweets after backlash

ISLAMABAD: Newsweek Pakistan Editor Fasih Ahmed has apologized for controversial tweets he posted yesterday about child abuse.  

Fasih drew the ire of netizens on Tuesday after a series of tweets on child abuse in the backdrop of horrific rape and murder of six-year-old Zainab Ansari and other minor girls in Kasur.

“The sexual abuse of children will always exist. You can never eliminate it. Sometimes it leads to great art. So there’s also that,” he tweeted.

In another tweet, he said: “Rape by, say, Obama is rape. Rape by, say, Tom Cruise is everyone’s dream come true. All subjective.”

“Child sexual abuse has always happened, is happening, and will always continue. Two days of outrage on Twitter and participating in a 10-person vigil may make you feel so noble but that’s all just about you, not those who’ve been victimized.”

The offensive tweets drew an angry response from people on social media.

Newsweek also distanced itself from Fasih Ahmed’s stance and said they were reviewing its relationship with Newsweek Pakistan.

Succumbing to the backlash today, Faish said that he was sorry for his tweets.

“My tweets of yesterday were coming from anger, were poorly phrased, and misread. I’m sorry to have upset the people who have survived child abuse. I have been angry at the conspiracy of silence around this evil,” Fasih Ahmed tweeted.

“Child abuse is pure evil. Zainab needs to be a watershed moment. Talk about it. Deal with it. Don’t shame those who have to live with it,” he said.

The Newsweek Pakistan publisher, however, maintained that condemning the child abuse on Twitter was not enough to deal the menace.

“Pretending it didn’t happen and it doesn’t happen is not cool. Condemning it on Twitter is not good enough. Reach out and help the survivors.”

“Don’t tell them to get over it. Not helpful.” – SAMAA