Mahira Khan on the need for sexual abuse awareness. Watch here:

January 11, 2018
Minerwa Tahir

By Minerwa Tahir

KARACHI: Pakistani film star Mahira Khan lamented over the fact that people have had to come out to demand justice for Zainab. She stressed the need for educating children as well as parents about sexual abuse.

"It's sad that we have had to come here," she said while speaking to Samaa during a protest at Karachi Press Club on Thursday. "Inshalah, a time will come when we wouldn't have to raise slogans or hashtags of justice for Zainab or justice for any child. We should be sure that something like this will not happen. And God forbid if it will happen, everyone will come out against it or our institutions will take care of it for us."

She went on to say that it is extremely important that to add education of sexual abuse to our curriculum.